Prepare Indian English Literature MEG07


MEG-07 Indian English Literature

Past Papers

Block-1 Non-Fictional Prose

Block-2 Mulk Raj Anand: Untouchable

Block-3 Raja Rao: Kanthapura

Block-4 Anita Desai: Clear Light of Day

Block-5 Midnight’s Children

Block-6 The Short Story

Block-7 Poetry

Block-8 Mahesh Dattani: Tara


Meg7 Exam pattern

Q1 RTC 4 to be done out of 7

Q.2 Untouchable or Kanthapura

Q3.Clear light of day or Non fictional prose

Q4.Short stories or short stories(sometimes from prose )

Q.5 Midnight children or Tara

Meg 7 Important Topics in each block.
Block 1-Non Fictional Prose

What are prose & it’s types

Simple prose does have the same literary merit as a poem a drama or a novel comment

Swami Vivekananda

  • Views on Buddhism Discuss

  • In what ways Swami Vivekananda see similarity between Hinduism and science ?

  • Aspect of Indian culture figure in the writing of Swami Vivekananda or Shri Aurobindo

Shri Aurobindo

  • How does aurobindo make case of indus civilization?

Ananda coomaraswamy

  • What according to anand coomaraswamy does the bronze image of the dancing Shiva Symbolize Discuss

  • What does the bronze image of dancing Shiva Symbolise


  • Importance of hind swaraj in today’s context

  • Hind swaraj as a post colonial text

  • Gandhi view on swaraj relevance in present day

  • Explain what Gandhi tries to convey through his text

  • Comment on Gandhi’s view on education and their relevance in the age of globalization


  • Delineate the features of Nehru s prose style as illustrated in the passage taken from Autobiography

  • Make an assessment of Nehru’s prose style on the basis of excerpt from his Autobiography.

  • Compare and contrast nehru and chaudhuri autobiography

  • Do you agree that self scrutiny and self criticism play a large part in Nehru’s an autobiography? Substantiate your answer with examples from the excerpt you have read in this course.

Nirad C Chaudhuri

  • Discuss Prose style in reference to the autobiography of an unknown man

  • Is nirad chaudhhrai a lover of thing in english .give reason for your answer.

  • Do you agree with the view there are two nirad c Chaudhuri, a historical witness and a pseudo-historian give reason

Vikram Seth

  • Essay on Vikram Seth prose style

  • Does Vikram Seth writing lack depth Discuss offering your views

  • Discuss Vikram Seth or amitav gosh as travel writers

Amitav gosh

  • Critically assess amitav gosh as a travel writer

  • Discuss amitav gosh as a writer of travelogues

Block 2

Untouchables by mulk raj anand

  • Themes

  • Narrative techniques

  • Bakha and his ambitions

  • Title significance and relevance

  • Untouchable as realistic novel

  • Plot construction in Untouchable

  • Gandhian philosophy

  • Various themes have been explored mirroring the social and political picture of colonial india in anand novel enunciated

  • Discuss in details the efforts made by Gandhi to bring together the fragmented society of india with reference to mulk raj anand Untouchable

  • Discuss as Social novel

  • Discuss social criticism

  • Caste addressed

  • How its a modern novel

Block 3

Kantapura by Raj Rao

  • Character of Moorthy

  • Role of moorthy

  • Narrative techniques

  • Gandhian novel

  • Mahatma Gandhi as hidden protagonist in novel Gandhian spirit

  • Role of narrator

  • Comment on nature of Gandhi’s influence on fiction

  • Art of characterisation

  • Raja Rao celebrates the passion of ordinary masses in his novel kantapura

  • In what manner do women Character contributes to progress of novel

  • How