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You can't live a meaningful life if others need to care for you!

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Live Classes


Awesome Classes & Counseling  session by Senior Professors from Tier-1 Universities from India.

New Class Every week, new Professor Every Session.

You can join all or any you like most.

Keep Mic & Camera Off


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Discussion Groups

Literature Lovers

Groups are administered by Professors or Mentors

Group Rules

1) No Personal messaging

2) Scammer will be punished legal.

3) No Memes, Politics, Religious content or  Chatting.

4. Take less, Give More

We have collected some of the amazing answers and explanations that are hard to find on the Internet. On the Discussion page, these blogs are divided into different groups ( Preparation, Poetry, Drama, Assignments, Aspects of Language, Non-British Literatures and Literary Theories and Criticism).
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First Year Students Admission in July2020 or Jan2021

or Second Years Reregistered in Jan2021

Exams  will be in December2021

Exam Form will be released in November2021

Submit Assignment before 31st October2021

These are your Assignments2020-2021

First Year admission in July2021

Or Second Year  Reregistered in July2021

Exams  will be in June2022

Exam Form will be released in May2022

Submit Assignment before 31st March2022

These are your Assignments2021-2022

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