Prepare American Novel MEG11

Ignou Books & Syllabus

Block-1 James F. Cooper: the Last of the Mohicans

Block-2 Theodore Dreiser: Sister Carrie

Block-3 F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Block-4 William Faulkner: Light In August

Block-5 Henry Miller: Black Spring

Block-6 J.D. Salinger: The Catcher In The Rye

Block-7 John Barth: Floating Opera

Block-8 Scott Mamaday : a House Made of Dawn

Block-9 Alice Walker: The color Purple

Important Questions from each block

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Compulsory question

American background related –(explain with example of novels )

1.Moral religion and philosophical aspects in 19th century American novel

2.Changes happened in American society during 19th century

3. Major Thematic concerns of post second war American novelist discuss with reference to 2 novel

4.Distinctive features of American Novels

5.*V.v imp.-Thematic concern of 19th century America

6.Trace the milestone in History of black American fiction

7.Aspects of black feminism

8.Influence of transcendentalism on any two American writers of yr choice

9.Critical essay on Naturalism in American fiction -social political factors responsible

10. American novel 19 th portrays the individual relationships with society discuss with reference of 2 novels

11.What do you mean by American Renaissance and its achievements

12.American literature in 19th century-show ideas of nationhood Compulsory question

13.Features of post second war American Novels

14.Background and qualities of Romantics in America

15 Characteristics of 19th century American Novels

discuss with reference to 2 Novels

Block1: Last of Mohicans

Significance of landscape

Romantic features /background of romantic features /critically comments of romantic quality of the novel

How does novel reflects Difficulty of overcoming radical divides

Relationship between history and fiction

Aspect of characterisation

Discuss moral vision with reference to novel

Significance of portrayal of natty bumpo/bumpo as a supremely idealized and Romanised human self

Critical approach to last of mohicans


Block 2 Sister carrie

Recurring Images or imagery used

Naturalism and realism in sister carrie

Critique of society

Sister carrie as finest Modern women

Sister carrie as a City novel


Novel of ideas

Block 3 The Great Gatsby

Concept of American dream in novel

Corruption of American dream


Theme of corruption &Influence of money

Critique of the American society

Representation of 1920 in great gatsby

Compare n contrast gatsby &Toms character

Discuss great gatsby as an autobiographical novel

Novel of social criticism

Block 4 Light in August

Narrative strategies

Note on plot structure/circular structure/critical analysis

Politics a major Thematic concern

Theme of alienation

Purpose of three parallel plots

Significance of tittle

Religion portrayed in novel

Character sketch of joe Christmas

Lena Grove story enfold the entire action Discuss

Block 5 Black spring

Significance of title

Is apocalypse the dominant theme of black spring

Ecstatic and transdentalism vision as portrayed in black spring

Black spring as a surrealist novel

Theme of black spring is universal death ?Do you agree

Plot and narrative techniques of black spring


Block 6 The catcher in the rye

Analyze character of holden

Analyze the plot

Irony in the novel

Discuss catcher in the rye as a coming of age novel

Portrays the image of rebel victims

Discuss holden vision of childhood &adulthood

Holden as a narrator

Language used in novel

Novel Portrays preparatory school system negatively Discuss

Discuss novel as tragedy

Block 7 Floating opera

Todd Andrew is a failed rationalist Discuss

John Barth philosophy of life as presented in novel

Post modern features in floating opera

As a nihilistic novel

Use of irony

As an extentialist novel

Floating opera as an episodic &reflective novel

Floating opera as an experimental novel

Comments on the metaphoric title of the floating opera

Block 8 A house made of dawn

Significance of imagery and symbol used

Reciprocal relationship between man & land

Flash back n temporal shift

Relationship between Francisco and Abel

House made of dawn as a bildungsroman

Thematic concern

Discuss Search for identity Central theme /crisis of identity

House made of dawn presents a native view of land

Significance of dream and vision in American culture with reference to House made of dawn

Cyclical structure

Trace origin of native American

Significance of title /is title appropriate