Prepare American Literature MEG06

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In this post I will share

  • Syllabus

  • Strategy to prepare

  • Important topics in each block

  • Last Revision

  • Past papers

  • Guide books pdf

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Block-1 Contexts of American Literature

Block-2 American Fiction-I

Block-3 American Fiction-II

Block-4 American Prose

Block-5 American Poetry-I

Block-6 American Poetry-II

Block-7 American Short Story

Block-8 American Drama

Block-9 The Bluest eye by Toni Morrison


Important topics in each block

1.Block 1

background of American Puritan society

2.Block 2

the scarlet letter -themes critique of Puritan society , significance of scaffold scene ,interpretation at different times , Open ended novel ,romance novel ,how character’s represents Fred id ego n superego.

3.Block 3

Huckleberry Finn

Themes -Slavery and freedom, racism

Background- Industrialization ,abolition of slavery

Use of Language

Imp. Of Mississippi River

Use of Humor in novel

4.Block 4

American prose

Characteristics of Transcendentalism,

Evolution of pamphlet writing

5.Block 5 &6 poetry

Walt Whiteman – influence of nature , Transcendentalism, celebration of American individualism

Emily Dickinson- use of imagery, feminist temper

Robert Frost- influence of nature,

chief characteristics

use of irony in mending wall

Wallace Stephen – imagination used

Ezra pound – fragmentation in Hugh Selwyn Mauberley

Ezra pound imagination n post modern elements

Adrienne rich -feminism influence in her poems

7.Short story

Background of short story - Ezra pound views

Compassion between Hemingway n Faulkner

Clean well lighted place –

Hemingway Art of short story telling& style, characterization ,Lang. Used, Narrative techniques, themes, existentialist concern


William Faulkner- characteristics of story telling, themes ,influence of South n attitudes towards Negros

8.American drama

Hairy ape –use of expressionism ,theme of pride identity and belongingness,

it’s about predicament of man in 20th century industrial civilization

Tragedy in hairy ape

Death of salesman- realistic tragedy, modern tragedy, realism ,fall of American dream

9.Bluest eyes –

Themes ,social concerns , color consciousness , folk elements, importance of seasons ,narrative techniques, Claudia as narrator


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Video Lectures

Most Important

American Context