Write best answers in Exam during IGNOU MEG Exams

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1.How do I write a good answer in the exam of a Master of Arts English (MEG) at IGNOU?

Answer: Here I am attaching my three hand written answers with you on fiction points. I will share answer on non-fiction points later.
1) Any type of answer writing, according to me, should be in following point wise manner.

a) Introduction: Introduction of the writer, and his literary work in general. Introduction to particular literary work in particular (on which we are writing answer)

b) Main content of answer in logical order pointwise

c) Conclusion

2) What is the basic mistake which most the students repeat in exam ?

Students read question' title, Ohhh this question is about particular poetry/drama/novel/short story and they will usually write entire story or story in brief of that particular poetry/drama/novel.

We are not supposed to reproduce answer in story mode, but we are supposed to answer on a particular point/character/theme of that particular drama/poetry/novel/short story.

In fiction, it could be poetry, novel or short story or drama whatsoever you might be asked following types of question

03) You may be asked to explain any particular/theme/point/aspect/Character of respective poem/novel/drama or short story than our answer must be stick to that particular theme/point/aspect/style of writing. we should not try to explain the entire literary story in general.

Model answer

Attached file name "Tara" and "Rajmohan's wife" ( Telegram Group Link )

a) How important is the family in Dattani's plays? answer with special reference to Tara

(Question is taken from MEG 07: Indian English Literature's assignment)

Here question is asked on Theme of family used in Dattani's play and we are asked to answer with reference to Tara. In such central idea of our answer will be on term/concept "Family" used by Dattani (name of writher) in general, we are required to give example of other literary work of same writer where this theme of family is used (but in very brief) but with special comments elaborately on concept of family used in Tara (one of the drama included in course by Dattani)

(Please find attached file "Tara" for detail answer ) ( Telegram Group Link )

Let's take a second example

b) 'Rajmohan's wife is about transgression'. would you agree? discuss this statement in light of Bankim's understanding of transgression?

(Question is taken from MEG 10: English Studies in India' assignment)

Here theme of basic theme is transgression i.e. crossing limits. So we are supposed to judge validity and give our comments on theme only. we don't require to reproduce entire story of novel but we need elaborate points where we observe "Transgression" in other words Only those points of story may be referred which are about transgression

(Please find the attached file "Rajmohan's wife" for detail answer) ( Telegram Group Link )

c) Discuss the main character of any short story in your course

(Question is taken from MEG14: Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation's assignment)

I have chosen a short story by Assamese Writer Dr Indira Goswami "The Empty Chest" Main character of this story is Tarudoi then answer should be around "Tarudoi"

(Please find attached file "Tarudoi" for detail answer) ( Telegram Group Link )

4) Sometimes you may asked to write entire plot of literary work, in such you are free to write entire story in logical order or whatsoever you know about that particular literary work

For example

Write a critical note on the plot construction in Untouchable, (its novel was written by Mulk Raj Anand)

(Please find attached link "untouchable" for detail answer)

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