Prepare MEG-01 British Poetry

After reading 15 amazing blogs, discussing with 7 professors and watching 23 YouTube video, I am still wondering HOW TO PREPARE MEG 01

Now, it’s your choice either invest energy in reading strategies from multiple sources or sit tight and read the compiled answer covering every point possible from all the options.

MEG-01: British Poetry with its 10 blocks of around 85 poems is an interesting subject only if you practice in the right direction and learn from handy sources.
Strategy 1: If you are a working professional and need only master’s degree irrespective of percentage then the short approach for you is
Step1: Read the summary of at least 50 Poems and Poet’s background from the pdf in our telegram group.
Step2: Download the Last 10 years RTC & Essay type questions Solutions shared by Deepti Vij with us in telegram.
Step3: Practice writing answers to a few questions from the previous year papers and guess papers in our telegram group.
(ALL THE BEST)  (RTC means Reference to Context) (Please don’t ask me which guidebook you should buy) ( Gullybaba has lots of mistakes while Neeraj guides are just copy paste of IGNOU books, Varun & Straightforward has quality content but they dont update as per exam.

Strategy 2: If you need a good score (>55%) for higher chances of success in your NET & PhD, Be prepared, extraordinary careers demand extraordinary efforts
Step1: Study the pattern of the Paper (This Spreadsheet) analysis of the last 10 years JAN-DEC Papers Pattern and how IGNOU Frame its questions. (Predict if it’ll be all RTC type or a mix of long answer types for you).
Step2: Finish Strategy 1 (Ordinary People) in 2-3 weeks and then get ready for transformation to awesome literature student.
Step3: How to write RTC, Marking Scheme of IGNOU for RTC, Sample copies of Best RTCs are present in our group. Write your answers and match it with ours (see which one is better, obviously we are always better :P) (Share your best answers at
Step4: We have uploaded some amazing lectures on YOUTUBE Channel MEG01 Playlist in block wise manner,there we explained About the Poets, About the Poem, and Critical Appreciation, Line by Line explanation and Previous Year questions & answers from that Poem. After watching 20-40min lecture (do use notebook & pen it’s not a movie).
Go to Telegram Channel of Meg Mentors there we have shared detailed handwritten notes written with information from class lectures, Research Papers, IGNOU Books & Guides as well.
Step5: Here your Journey begins, Read my Blog on how to do Critical Analysis of the Poem, Here I have explained in Details how to write explanation on Poem background, title, literary and historical context, Poetic devices, themes, structure, forms meters, etc.
Step6: Align your studies with UGC NET Preparation from day1
  1. Special focus on Chaucer,

  2. Spenser, John Donne-(Flea, Valediction, Canonization),

  3. Andrew Marvell Coy Mistress,

  4. Milton Lycidas, Pope- Epistle,

  5. Blake-( London, Tyger),

  6. Wordsworth-Prelude,

  7. Coleridge-Kubla Khan,

  8. Robert Browning- (porphyria's lover, Fra Lippo Lippi),

  9. Rossetti- Goblin Market,

  10. Yeats-(Easter 1916, Sailing to Byzantium),

  11. Eliot- Wasteland,

  12. Larkin- Toads, Whitsun Wedding,

  13. Sylvia- Daddy, Lady Lazarus, Ariel]:

All the Important dates, Historical Events, Characters

Step7: Must read IGNOU Books, Explore Research Papers, Professor’s class presentations, attend online RC classes, discuss in small groups, get a NET Qualified Mentor to guide you. {Most are present in our telegram group}
All the best (Paper Analysis, Previous year question, books, Handwritten notes, list of important poems are present in our telegram group)
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Postscript: Enclosed links for Study Material:
Dear friends, you people are lucky to get all these pieces of stuff for free, Even Paid notes I have seen, they are not even 10 per cent of these notes quality. (RTC LAST 10 YEARS) (long answer types ) (lectures) (handwritten notes) (Important poets) (RTC)

Marking Scheme in RTC :

Method to write RTC :

Sources :

Important RTCs :

IGNOU Style of Writing parts of RTC :

A sample copy of RTC by


The sample copy of RTC by Mrs Deepti Soi: ( Important Poems)



Block-9: The Waste Land Part 3

( The Fire Sermon ) T S Eliot

Line by Line Explanation

Summary & Critical Appreciation

Rethi Arvind

Block-8: Victorian Age by Fatima Aslam Topic: A Blessed Damosel Stanza wise Explanation I Summary Poetic devices I Poem Text I Analysis Previous years question