Best & Easy combinations for Second Year subjects in MEG IGNOU MA English Literature

Updated: Jan 19

Question of the Day

Q) What are the best combinations of the subjects for second year MEG Students?


This question is completely subjective to one's goals.

A) To Teach in Schools ( To be Promoted in School)

B) To Pursue NET Exam and Go for PhD & Dr Tag.

C) To Show off your Ex or Partner

I am Type C Category, Who took MEG just to feel the Literature.

( Compulsory ) —

MEG-05 Literary Criticism and Theory. (the only subject, none wanna study, so ignou🧐 made it COMPULSORY & you don't have any choice 🥺)like an NPD lover


MEG-06 American Literature (Easy and Interesting & Free Notes and teachers PPTs are present in our MEG Mentors Telegram Group.)


MEG-07 Indian English Literature.

This Subject is First Choice of Every Indian Student & helpful NET also. Though being Easy, This subject is long and Time Taking but a perfect choice.


MEG-08 New Literatures in English

This Subject is specifically designed for NET Aspirants. A Subject of mixed novels & writings. Canadian, African, Caribbean, and others. So you don't need to choose different subjects for particular writings. And taking the idea of all these would help you in further RESEARCH STUDIES ALSO. Be if you are choosing the toughest subject of MEG.

Many questions are asked from MEG 7 and MEG 8 in UGC NET exams


MEG-09 Australian Literature

After the British, American, Indian, Australian is important as it is easy n had influenced Britishers. Take this Subject only at your Risk because Notes Classes or nothing is easily available on that, Even you won't be able to find any Partner in Australian Literature MEG09 ( We have a separate group of Australian Literature Students )


MEG-10 English Studies in India.

It's moderate, interesting and scoring one. A subject in Literature with No Literature, This Subject is made to study after the PG course and made for a learned fellow. It's an Interesting Subject only for those who love HISTORY and wants to study deep into it. After MEG07, MEG08, The MEG10 is supposedly Important for Research Students.

No no, Don't dare to take 7,8,10 if you are not good in Studies and not a NET aspirant as well.


MEG-11 American Novel

The lovely subject of NOVELS from America. Made for people who love stories and fictions and need good marks in MEG just for Degree. ( A must choose if you opted for MEG06 )


MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature

Indian literature with Short Stories, Poetry and Prose.

Though Meg 14 is a slight time taking it's interesting and material is also easily available to read.


Suggestion is

Type A for Teachers (6,7,11) (6,7,14) (7,11,14)

Type B for Research (7,8,10) (7,8,14)

Type C for Easy Degree Completion (6,11,14) (6,7,11) (6,7,9)


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